Lesson Sample

HomeSchool With MineCraft

Lesson Resource Sample

Homeschool with Minecraft provides:

  • Full weekly lessons.  
  • Classes that combine History and Literature 
  • Classes that encourage kids to read
  • White-listed servers to provide more secure play for children.
  • Both Creative and Survival Mode play depending on your child's skill level
  • Online building projects
  • Instructor class time
  • Extras thrown in such as project ideas for outside of Minecraft learning
  • Graded quizzes at parent's choice
  • Completion certificate for those in States that require documentation‚Äč

Each week, your student will receive a lesson that includes pictures, facts and video links.  All the information is laid out "textbook" style for them.  No work for you.  There is either comprehension questions or a quiz to complete, depending on the class you are taking.

The student will also receive weekly building assignments on the server and full access to playing with the other students online.  The server will be up 24 hours a day for your child's use.  As long as they are following server rules, they can play and do school assignments on the server with no restrictions.  Our server is set up in creative mode for the building assignments, making those grieve proof.  But we also provide themed portals in survival for game play.

Live classes meet weekly for about an hour.  We do class build together projects.